Each committee will be chaired by 2 Committee Presidents. Apart from creating the study guides, the CPs will ensure the smooth running of the committee sessions and facilitate the discussions. After the conference, they will send out evaluations to all delegates and will be responsible for nominating delegates for the international rounds.


Committee on Economic Affairs



Last year, Jasna participated in the international MEP in the Netherlands as part of the Slovak delegation. After returning to Slovakia, she was part of the founding team of MEP Slovakia. Since then, she has participated in several other MUNs, as well as spoken and written debate competitions. She cannot wait to meet you this year and is excited for the discussions in the committee sessions.

Adam is taking part in MEPSK for the second time. Since first taking part a year ago, he  represented Slovakia as a delegate in Helsinki and as a committee president in Tallinn and Ljutomer. These experiences have instilled in him a strong sense for constructive dialogue and have opened doors to different viewpoints and cultures. He is hoping you’ll enjoy MEPSK and is looking forward to meeting you.


Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality



Sára recently attended the euro-regional round of MEP in Slovenia in Ljutomer (CSEE 2018). She won the best delegate award at ZaMUN 2017 and attended KatMUN 2017 in Poland. She is also part of the organizing team of this year’s MEP Slovakia.

Julian fell in love with MEP at his first session in Vienna in 2016, and since then was a delegate and a CP in 6 sessions. He befriended people from foreign countries, overcame his fear of public speaking and experienced some of the most memorable moments of his life.



Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety



MEPSK18 is going to be Lucka’s fifth session and she is thrilled to be one of the CPs. She chose ENVI because it deals with a topic she is passionate about and feels is not being discussed enough, especially as it affects our future. Therefore, she is looking forward to the work that will be done by the delegates to secure a greener future for all of us!

Since his first year of high school, Daniel has attended many debate and MUN conferences, so once he found out about MEP, it seemed like the right step, a new and exciting challenge. His MEP journey started with the MEPSK17, followed by the international round in November. He has enjoyed every bit of it, and the excitement never wore off.



Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs



Dominika participated in CSEE MEP, and is also one of the organizers of MEPSK18. This project is meaningful to her because of its great mission – educating youth about European politics, but also because thanks to MEP, she gets to meet many awesome people every time, and is looking forward to the work (and fun) during the sessions in LIBE committee.

Throughout last year, Prokop has worked himself up from a humble delegate at the Czech MEP school session to first a delegate, then a CP and most recently a VP at iMEP sessions. His experience motivates him to go on, and he is currently preparing the first CzechMEP national session.


Committee on International Trade



MEPSK18 is going to be one of Jakub’s many experiences in the discussing sphere. He gained  experience in MUNs and the CSEE MEP session in Slovenia. He is looking forward to being one of the CPs for the INTA committee, as it talks about current international issues while focusing on one of the world’s biggest players: Russia. He believes that all of the work done with our delegates will surely pay off, and might uncover one of the solutions to this problem.

Dominika’s first MEP session was a national round in Prague in 2013, and she has been to many sessions since, either as a delegate or a CP. MEP taught her not only how to debate and present her opinion, but most importantly, how to make compromises and find common ground with others. MEP gets you involved in important topics that concern all of us, which Dominika finds crucial. She is really grateful that to be a part of an organization  connecting young people from all over Europe.



Committee on Constitutional Affairs



MEP allowed Tomáš to fully utilize his immense passion for economics in a practical way. Last year, his committee at MEPSK17 managed to create a resolution tackling the problem of tax evasion and tax avoidance. He is more than happy to be your Committee President to ensure we the AFCO committee will propose a thorough and comprehensive resolution.

Arthur was a committee president at last year’s MEPSK, in addition he presided over several MUNs in Europe, America and Asia. He has done several MUNs as a delegate as well, and also organized an MUN in Bratislava.