Each committee will be chaired by 2 Committee Presidents. Apart from creating the study guides, the CPs will ensure the smooth running of the committee sessions and facilitate the discussions. After the conference, they will send out evaluations to all delegates and will be responsible for nominating delegates for the international rounds.


Committee on Economic Affairs



In 2017, Tim won the Czech National Debate Championship. Since he moved to study in Slovakia, he has become the world champion in public policy debates together with his team from LEAF Academy. In 2018, Tim was chairing the DISEC committee at the BratMUN, and participated at the Harvard MUN.

Jan is a LEAF Academy student interested in economics, and finance in particular. Jan’s passion for model conferences was kindled at last year’s MEP session, where he advanced to represent Slovakia at the international round in Strasbourg. He is organizing MEPSK19, taking care of legal affairs and the committee structure.


Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality



Sofia is a passionate member of the model conference community, having organized an MUN in 2018. She was chosen to represent Slovakia in the international round in Strasbourg at MEPSK18. She also has extensive MUN experience under her belt.

Eva attended last year’s Model European Parliament Slovakia, from where she received a nomination for the international MEP round in Paris/Strasbourg 2019. She spent one year studying abroad, and her passions include music, art, and languages.


Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety



Lucie has learned a lot by participating in six sessions a delegate, a CP, or an organizer. The CP position is one that she especially likes returning to. She is looking forward to guiding and assisting the delegates throughout this year’s MEPSK.

Andrej has attended last year’s MEPSK18 and has gained experience at several MUN conferences and by organizing MEPSK19, where he works on conference content and design. He is really passionate about the committee and the conference as a whole.


Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs



Sara’s MEP experience started at the 2016 international round. She proceeded to be a committee president (LIBE, INTA, SEDE, ENVI) at multiple national and international sessions and a member of the presidency at the euro regional session. In 2017, she co-founded MEP Slovakia and is more than eager to come back and share the experience with you.

Linda’s first conference (MEPSK17) challenged and inspired her to take her newly obtained knowledge and experience to the outside world. After MEPSK18, she attended MEP CSEE 2018 in Vienna which has helped her gain a new perspective on European issues. She has attended multiple MUN conferences, winning an award at DSPMUN 2018.


Committee on International Trade



Debating and model conferences have been Jakub’s thing ever since he joined high school. Although he attended quite a few similar events, MEPSK stands out as one of the most enjoyable, and not just because he was nominated for the international round. He believes that the idea of MEP combines European affairs with an unusual debating and social experience and thus perfectly fits his interests.

Samuel is a 19-year old LEAF Academy student with a burning passion for history. Attending MEPs has widened his European horizons and helped him to delve deeper into the complexity of interstate relationships in a supranational organization. He firmly believes in the mission of MEP, and he is looking forward to days of enriching discourse in the committee. Besides that, he loves cute animals.


Committee on Security and Defence



After experiencing MEPSK18, Filip had the pleasure to represent Slovakia at MEP CSEE 2018 in Vienna. It was a great honor for him to stand next to so many amazing young people from all around Europe. After MEP CSEE 2018, he was also invited to be a CP at KeplerEP 2018.

Zina has been actively participating in model sessions for almost three years. In November, she headed the Slovak delegation for the international MEP in Toledo. This is her first time presiding and she is excited for the event, hoping that this MEP will be fun and educational for everyone.


General Affairs Council – Meeting of the foreign ministers of the EU



Stepan is 17 years old and comes from Ukraine, but has studied in Slovakia for the past 5 years. He’s a fan of all events connected with international affairs and will be applying to study international relations next year. He has 7 MUNs behind him, with a multitude of awards and a successful chairing experience.

Jakub’s passion for MUNs and debate meant that trying MEP was a must. He found the national session a wonderful experience and discovered even more friends and excitement at the international round. Though he is not chairing for the first time, he still considers this session to be a great, new adventure.


Eurogroup – Meeting of the finance ministers of the Eurozone



Matej is organizing this year’s MEP and is responsible for committees. He attended Harvard MUN 2018 and chaired a committee at BratMUN 2018. His passion for competitive debate means he is looking forward to controversial and constructive discussions in the committee.

Jakub is a student interested in politics and economics. He has been organizing MEPSK for over two years. He attended many model conferences, both as a delegate and a CP. He is looking forward to MEPSK19, as he believes that the issue in his committee will bring out the best in delegates.